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Abstract Submission Rules & Guidelines
  • All abstracts must be submitted through the Congress webpage.
  • Abstracts have to be in FINALIZED status after this deadline.
  • Not finalized abstracts (OPEN status) will not be considered.
  • All abstracts will be submitted in English with a quality of spelling and grammar suitable for publication (there will be no further linguistic review).
  • Submission of an abstract indicates acceptance and compliance with the abstract submission rules and statements of responsibility.
  • Abstracts previously presented or published will not be accepted for presentation.
  • Submission of multiple abstracts on a single study may result in the rejection of one or more abstracts.
  • The SUBMITTING AUTHOR will be responsible for the proper presentation and receive all correspondence about the abstract, so we suggest that the submitting author be the presenting author.
  • Abstracts are peer reviewed and ranked by experts in the selected thematic area.
  • Accepted abstracts are official communications to the Congress; the presenting author MUST REGISTER at the time of acceptance of the abstract and agrees to attend the Congress and present the abstract as scheduled.
  • The presenting author must be listed as the first author. The system allows you to change the order of authors as well as choose the presenter during the uploading process.
  • Abstracts can be saved in “Open status” to be re-edited and modified until the submission deadline.
  • Authors should indicate the institution they represent with their abstract.
  • If authors´ names appear on more than one abstract, their names and their affiliations must appear and be spelled identically on each abstract in order to facilitate proper indexing.
  • When finishing the submission, the author will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • No changes are allowed after the presentation is finalized.
  • The work involving humans, animals or material derived from them must have been approved by an institutional ethics committee.
  • Drug products should be identified by their generic name only; trade names are not allowed.
  • Abbreviations must be done according to the Biology Publications style manual. Place nonstandard abbreviations in parentheses after the complete word, the first time it appears.
  • Only standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Data should be presented in units (the international metric system is preferred) generally used in publications.
  • Only essential references should be included and these should be placed in parentheses at the end of abstracts: you can use numbers in the text to refer to them.

After clicking the final submit button, the submitting author will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the allocated abstract number. If not, please contact us.

The system will send all necessary notifications to the SUBMITTING AUTHOR’s email address. The Scientific Committee is not responsible for incorrect loading of these data and consequences that may occur in communications. Verify the accuracy of the uploaded data.

The acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be notified before July 25, 2022. Details regarding oral presentation (time and date) or e-poster viewing only will be included in this notification email.

Authors who wish to withdraw their abstract should send a written request to cecilia.cabaleiro@anajuan.com cecilia.cabaleiro@anajuan.com

Structure your abstract using the following subheadings:

Introduction & Objectives: Describe the background and the purpose of the study.
Materials & Methods: Describe the material and methods used to design the study.
Results: Describe your results in a logical sequence.
Conclusion: Emphasize new and important aspects of the study and conclusions that are drawn from them.

If it is a case:
Case presentation:

Authors will have to specify whether they wish to present an oral communication or a poster.

  • Oral communication. Abstracts selected for this category will have a 7 minute presentation plus 3 minutes for discussion.
  • E-Poster Viewing Only. Abstracts selected for this category will upload their posters electronically. The posters will be available for viewing at the E-poster stations.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to take the final decision concerning the topic and the way abstracts will be presented.
1. Prevention of skin cancer
2. Update on Non-melanoma skin cancer
3. New treatments for melanoma
4. Dermoscopy of skin cancer
5. Skin cancers in organ transplant recipients
6. Cutaneous lymphoma
7. Genetics and biology of melanoma
8. Mohs surgery for skin cancer
9. Surgical pearls for reconstruction after skin cancer removal
10. The carcinogenic field
11. New and emerging treatments for skin cancers of the head and neck
12. Merkel cell carcinoma
13. Miscellaneous

Only the accepted abstracts of fully registered and paid presenters can be included in the final Congress program.
Registration and payment is required by Monday, August 29, 2022.
Failure to register and pay by this date will result in your abstract being removed from the program.